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Five Ways To Care For Your Carpet

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

Your carpet tells a lot about you. Even if your home is in the best shape possible, a carpet that is dirty or worn out will undo all other efforts that you may have put in place. This means that you must take care of the carpet well so that it can serve you for long without losing its appeal. Below are five ways that you can take care of it to achieve that.

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Vacuum Regularly

It is advisable to vacuum your carpet twice a week. The frequency goes up if you have children or pets that are always playing around. When vacuuming, focus on areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Remember that for the best results, you have to get the right vacuum. Given that small debris get nestled deep inside the carpet, you need a vacuum cleaner that will be able to pull them out and leave your carpet looking as good as new while also extending its lifespan.


Start a No Shoes Policy

In many homes, you cannot walk on the carpet when wearing shoes. Normally, you have a mat at the door where all shoes are left. You also need to implement this at home if you want your carpet to serve you for a long time. No matter how clean the shoes may look, they are still carrying particles that you would not want on the carpet. This means that walking around in them deposits these particles on the carpet and your carpentry. Even if you have a good vacuum cleaner, you are still wearing out the carpet.


Handle Problems As Soon As They Occur

Despite vacuuming the carpet all the time, spills will still happen, and when they do, you should not wait until the next vacuuming session to handle the. Doing so gives the liquid time to dry off and become a stain that may not be easy to get rid of. Therefore, if anything spills, put a towel over it immediately to blot the stain. Note that stains are best handled through blotting and thus you should never rub them because you will only be spreading the patch.


Move Heavy Furniture Occasionally

Moving furniture around renews the outlook of your home and also helps your carpet retain its appeal. Heavy furniture needs to be moved around to avoid pile crushing. Other than just moving things around, it is advisable to place carpet protectors under the legs of chairs, tables and any furniture that is heavy. Even as you move the furniture, always place a protective barrier such as plywood or cardboard between the carpet and the wheels to avoid running the carpet.


Get Professional Carpet Cleaning

It is vital to hire professional carpet cleaners at least once every year. Regardless of how hard you clean it, you can never achieve the same results as a professional cleaner. This is because they have state of the art equipment and solutions that will bring life to any carpet and leave it looking new.


Your carpet is an important investment, and that is why it deserves serious attention to maintain its appearance. By employing these simple guidelines all that can be achieved.

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Keeping The Carpet Clean

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015

Carpet stains are patches or marks on the carpet fabric that make the carpet dirty and displeasing. Clean carpets are pleasing to the eye, long lasting and healthier than dirty carpets. In general, the beauty of a carpet lies in its cleanliness.


Most common carpet stains and how to remove them


Pet stain: pick the mess using gloves and dispose. In case it is wet, just blot it up by smearing or rubbing repeatedly until the stain is completely removed. In case the stain is dry, just moisten it and use vinegar to get rid of the odor and the patch.Use the vinegar with warm water. White wine may also apply in this case. The exercise needs quarter cup volumes of the two liquids. Rub and scrap gently until the stain is done away with. You can also use a bottle sprayer with a mixture of the cleaning agents and spray on the patch,wait to soak, blot out, and rinse using warm water.

Coffee stain: It is a visible patch that looks brownish or yellowish and sometimes a mixture of the two. Use a white towel to blot the stained part until it is dry, use a mixture of vinegar,water and a non bleach detergent in a spray bottle and use white cloth to absorb the stain. After that, rinse the stained part.


Wine stain: use mild dish soap and a cup of warm water and a mixture of vinegar with four cups of warm water. Absorb the spillage and vacuum up the dry parts. Apply the solution of mild soap and water on the stained part and wait for five minutes then absorb with white cloth. Repeat the procedure if the stain is persistent. If the stain persists any longer use the mixture of vinegar and water solution with the same procedure.

Urine stain: Use mild liquid dish soap and a cup of water or a mixture of white vinegar and water. Absorb with white cloth. Use the soap on the stain area. Leave the solution to stay for around five minutes and then blot with clean white cloth. Rinse with cold water until all the cleaning solution if off the carpet. In case the stain is persistent repeat the process. Once the stain is over and the carpet is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to restore the carpet’s texture.

Hair spray stain: use nonflammable cleaning agent and a liquid spot remover. You also need a mild dish soap with cup of water. Apply the soap mixture on the stained part. Be careful not to apply the nonflammable liquid directly onto the carpet since it may discolor or damage the carpet instead use a piece of cloth to do so. Let the liquid stay five minutes on the carpet. Absorb with a white cloth and rinse with cold water. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure. Once the stain is removed and the carpet is dry use a vacuum cleaner to restore the texture of the carpet.

Soft drink stain: Use a mild liquid soap with a cup of warm water and white vinegar with four cups of warm water. Blot out the spillage. Use the solution of liquid soap and warm water and apply it on the stained area. allow the solution to to soak up the stained area for five minutes. Then blot with white towel. Rinse with cold water. If the stain is persistent, repeat the procedure and or use the vinegar with the same procedure. After the carpet is well cleaned and dry, vacuum it up to restore its texture.

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5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Carpets

Posted by on Jul 14, 2015


When you first install a carpet you expect it to be clean and comfy. However, it can be difficult to maintain its quality when people trample over it daily. That is why we have decided to share 5 of our best carpet maintenance tips.

Tip#1: Clean spillages promptly

You can easily panic when disaster occurs, but panicking can make things worse. No carpet will be free from spillages because accidents do happen, thus it’s better to react swiftly. Have a dry towel and damp cloth before you start, dab the towel slightly at the liquid to absorb it. If you remove a spillage first enough you stand a better chance of preventing it becoming a stain.

Tip#2: Create house rules

To keep you carpet clean, you need to make some rules. Make sure to remove shoes before stepping on the carpet and be firm about this rule with friends and family members. Even the sole of a shoe can make scuff marks on tougher carpet.

Tip#3: Vacuum Frequently 

Even though the carpet may appear clean, the dirt can be hiding in the fibers. Vacuuming regularly is necessary to keep the carpet in good condition! Dirt, grit, and sand can be trapped at the base of the carpet within the fibers. As you move on the carpet, the dirt increases the friction, and this will cause the carpet to start to wear out.

Bonus Tim:

It is well known that UV sun rays can be quite harmful not only to carpets, but to furniture and paintings. One of the best ways to assure you limit the amount of UV sun rays, is by placing windows winnipeg products throughout your entire home. The double and triple pane windows have an extra layer of UV coating to make sure that harmful sun rays do not get through your glass units.

Tip#4: Use carpet protectors

You can use permanent carpet protectors when you’re performing any DIY work such painting. Paint, dust, paint, and any other residue will ruin your carpet unless you cover the floor. If you don’t need to buy a protector then old bed covers can do, lay them down properly before you begin any DIY task and you will prevent any mess before it reaches the floor.

Tip #5: Use complementary rugs or mats for high-traffic spots

No matter how hard you try to maintain your carpet, there are some areas in your home with high foot traffic that even the most diligent person cannot keep the carpet from wearing out. You should identify those areas, then choose area mats that complement decoration for these spaces. The most likely spots of high tear and wear are main entryways and the region in front of your favorite sofa. Replacing a worn-out mat is cheaper than replacing the entire carpet.

No carpet can last forever, but if you buy a good-quality carpet and start maintaining it properly from the beginning, your will be able to use for a long time. Just keep in mind that even if it doesn’t look dirty, your carpet require regular vacuuming to remain clean and beautiful.

You should schedule for a professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Only specialized cleaning firms can provide the necessary equipment to remove any stains and dirt. You will require equipment like specialized vacuum pumps and high-pressure steam cleaners which could be too costly for you to buy. But professional carpet cleaning company is the surest way to clean and maintain your carpet. They can best assess your carpet and offer the best treatment too.

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